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The Criminal Defense Law Office of John L. Calcagni, III has a proven track record for success in the Rhode Island Criminal Justice System, in the courtroom, including trials and appeals, and have the resources to develop a winning defense. Our firm provides personalized, successful, and expert representation for clients in need of a criminal defense attorney in state, federal, and military courts. If you believe you have been charged with a new offense and seek to be released on bail, call (401) 351-5100 the Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Law Office of John L. Calcagni, III to schedule a free consultation.

Criminal Defense Attorney with Extensive Experienced Defending Cases in Rhode Island in the Following Areas


You may have options even after a conviction or a final ruling in your case. Learn more or contact a Rhode Island

Appeals in Rhode Island
Arson Charges

The intentional setting of fire to a building, vehicle or other property for the purpose of causing damage.

Arson in Rhode Island

The application or threat of harmful or offensive contact between persons.

Assault Lawyer in Rhode Island
Bail Hearings

The condition by which a defendant is released or allowed to remain free from pretrial custody while awaiting trial.

Bail Hearings

An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime with the shared intent to commit that crime.

Conspiracy in Rhode Island
Disorderly Conduct Charges
Disorderly Conduct

Knowingly, intentionally committing acts which are of a nature to corrupt public morals.

Disorderly Conduct in RI
Domestic Violence Charges
Domestic Violence

Criminal acts that occur between individuals with familial, domestic or romantic relations.

Domestic Violence Defense
Drug Charges
Drug Charges

Drug and/or Narcotics Offenses are prosecuted instate and federal courts across the country.

Drug Crimes Defense Law

Under Rhode Island law, you may be entitled to have your criminal record sealed or expunged.

Expungements in Rhode Island
Firearms Charges
Gun Charges

A complex web of state and federal laws exists regulating the possession and y use of firearms.

Gun Crimes Defense
Grand Jury Representation

Grand juries determine if probable cause exists to believe to an individual committed a felony criminal offense.

Grand Jury in Rhode Island
homicide criminal charges

If you are facing murder or manslaughter charges in Rhode Island.

Homicide Crimes Defense
Kidnapping Criminal Charges

The criminal offense of restraining, taking away or transporting someone against their will.

Kidnapping Charges Defense
Motor Vehicle Charges
Motor Vehicle

The law provides a detailed list of criminal and civil Motor Vehicle Offenses of which you must be wary.

Motor Vehicle Offenses in RI
Property Criminal Charges
Property Charges

Crimes which relate to the lawful and non-consensual infringement on the property rights including trespassing and other charges.

Property Crimes in RI
Sex Crime Charges
Sex Crime

Sex crimes include a wide range of offenses such as sexual assault, child molestation, indecent solicitation and child pornography.

Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer
Stalking Cyberstalking Criminal Charges
Stalking And Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking charges are serious and can have significant repercussions for those who are convicted of committing these crimes.

Stalking And Cyberstalking
Theft Charges

Theft crimes involve those offenses which relate to the stealing of the property of another.

Theft Charges in RI
Violation Hearings
Violation Hearings

Hearings in District and/or Superior Courts regarding violations of bail, probation and parole.

Violation Hearings in Rhode Island

A warrant is a court order authorizing law enforcement to take a particular action such as to arrest or to search a person or specified property.

Warrants in Rhode Island
White Collar Charges
White Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a phrase used to describe non-violent criminal acts designed to obtain financial.

White Collar Crimes Defense