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Federal Crimes

Federal Defense Lawyer John L. Calcagni, III of Providence, Rhode Island

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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Calcagni, III

When you need the assistance of a Federal Attorney, it is highly advisable that you:

Hire someone who has extensive experience within the federal system

This fact would be important no matter what kind of lawyer you needed to hire. However, there are certain areas of the practice of law that require more experience and exposure than others, and Federal Criminal Defense is one of them.

Former Federal Prosecutor Now Defense Attorney Providing Experienced Legal Defense for Federal Criminal Charges

As a former prosecutor with the US Army JAG Corps and the US Attorney’s Office, Federal Criminal Lawyer John L. Calcagni, III is well versed in the prosecution and defense of all types of federal criminal cases. This experience is invaluable in his ability to defend accused individuals on trial for federal crimes.

Federal criminal defense

Common Federal Offenses
An example of a common federal charge may include: 

Drug Charges
Federal Drug Charges – Drug Trafficking

Possessing, selling, manufacturing, importing, and trafficking large quantities of drugs may be charged as a federal crime.

Child Pornography
Child Pornography Charges

If suspected of possessing, sending, receiving, or creating obscene materials depicting children in a sexual manner, you can be prosecuted in a federal court.

Child Pornography Lawyer
Criminal Investigations
Organized Crime

Organized crime activities involving violence or threats, robbery, money laundering, fraud, and any other illegal activities can be prosecuted in a federal court.

White Collar Charges
White Collar Crimes

Federal tax crimes, failure to pay taxes, forging checks, fraudulently applying for state benefits, faking disability, wire fraud, bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, are just a few common examples.

Firearms Charges
Federal Firearms Charges

In addition to federal gun laws, all state governments and some local governments have their own laws that regulate firearms.

Federal Firearms Lawyer
Motor Vehicle Charges
Federal Motor Vehicles Charges

Federal motor vehicle offenses include theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle, transporting or receiving stolen vehicles or parts, insurance fraud, carjackings, grand theft auto, and grand larceny.

Federal Motor Vehicles Lawyer