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What are sex crimes?

Sex crimes comprise a broad category of offenses that involve unwanted or non-consensual sexual contact, often referred to broadly as sexual assault.

These crimes range from unwanted sexual touching of an individual on the outside of one’s clothing to forced sexual penetration, and everything in between.

Sex Crime Charges in Rhode Island

Sex crime charges in Rhode Island

Sex offenses are very serious and so are the punishments. It is imperative to find an attorney with experience in defending against these types of charges. There are many men and women across the country falsely accused of these types of crimes every year. If you are one of these people contact the Law Office of John L. Calcagni, III today. We can help you determine the best way to move forward with your defense in sexual assault cases.

What counts as a sex offense?

Sex crimes may be committed by and against members of the opposite sex, such as male against female, and by and between members of the same sex, such as male against male.

They may also be committed by adults against other adults and children.  Sex assault against a child is called child molestation.

Sex offenses are among the most egregious and prejudicial crimes known to the law.

What happens if you are a convicted sex offender?

Convicted offenders are often sentenced to lengthy jail terms. Convicted offenders, when released from jail, are also subjected to sex offender registration requirements that require notification by offenders to local law enforcement agencies of the offender’s address and telephone number, place of employment and any changes in these locations.

Sex offenders face certain restrictions, including not being allowed to visit schools, reside near school zones or be around children. Convicted sex offenders also have restrictions on their ability to travel in and outside of the United States, and are often required to undergo mandatory counseling or sex offender treatment.

Sex crimes also encompass criminal charges related to child pornography.

What happens If you are charged with a sex crime?

Solely being charged with a sex crime can have devastating consequences to your reputation, future, and freedom.

These include, but are not limited to, being ostracized or discriminated against in your local community; fired from your job and denied future employment opportunities; denial of housing; damage to your reputation causing loss of friends or relations with loved ones; jail time if convicted; lifelong sexual offender registration, monitoring and supervision requirements; and other adverse consequences.

If you are charged with a Sex Crime, you require expert criminal defense representation by an attorney who is well-versed in this highly sensitive area of the law o protect your rights and minimize the impact that being charged with such an offense may have on your life.

Sex crimes case results

Charges: First Degree Child Molestation – Case dismissed

Woonsocket Police arrested a middle-aged Woonsocket man based on multiple allegations of First-Degree Child Molestation. The claims were made against the man by his youngest son, who alleged repeated instances of sexual penetration over several years. Once before the Court, the man was initially ordered held without bail pending the outcome of an evidentiary bail hearing. He and his family immediately retained Rhode Island Sexual Assault Defense lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend him in this matter. Attorney Calcagni first prepared tirelessly for the man’s bail hearing. He argued to the Court that the allegations were delayed, unsupported by any physical or medical evidence, not eye witnessed, and contradicted by other facts. Attorney Calcagni further argued his client’s lack of criminal history, past military history, volunteer service as a firefighter, community ties, and employment. Based on the totality of the circumstances, Attorney Calcagni persuaded the Court to release the man on bail. From there, Attorney Calcagni worked with prosecutors and prepared his client to voluntarily appear before a grand jury. The grand jury concluded its investigation of this matter by not issuing an indictment against the man. Accordingly, the matter was dismissed and has since been sealed.

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Types of Sex Crimes

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