Rhode Island and Massachusetts Kidnapping Attorney

What are Kidnapping Offenses?

Kidnapping is the criminal offense of restraining, taking away or transporting someone against their will. Kidnapping is also often referred to as abduction. Kidnapping is most commonly associated with missing children who are taken against their will by abductors.

However, kidnapping may be done to any other person regardless of the age, sex or other circumstances of the alleged victim.

Various motives may exist for kidnapping such as for ransom or financial reward or in furtherance of another crime whether directed toward to victim such as murder, robbery, assault, molestation, or otherwise, or directed towards a third party such as extortion or bribery.

Some Kidnapping Offenses We Defend:

  • False Imprisonment
  • Kidnapping
  • Kidnapping of a Child
  • Human Trafficking

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