Rhode Island White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer John L. Calcagni, III

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Rhode Island White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer John L. Calcagni, III

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What are white collar crimes?

White collar crime is a phrase used to describe non-violent criminal acts designed to obtain financial gain through some illegal means. These crimes are often associated with business persons or government actors.

White collar offenses often require some level of specialized knowledge, skill or expertise in order to be committed. These offenses are separate and distinct from traditional common law felony offenses involving violence such as Murder, Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping and Arson. Notwithstanding, their lack of violence as a means to their criminal ends, white collar offenses are very serious.

These offenses are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern society and have been dealt with heavy-handedly by the criminal justice system.

Some white collar offenses we defend:

White collar crimes case results

Charges: Forgery and counterfeiting of registration plates – Case dismissed

Rhode Island State Police stopped a Mercedes Benz for an observed traffic violation. The operator produced a valid Vermont driver’s license, but had an out-of-state, non-extraditable warrant in Georgia for identity fraud. The vehicle appeared to be registered in Texas, as demonstrated by a temporary Texas tag. A check of the registration indicated that it belonged to a tractor trailer freight liner, and not a Mercedes sedan. Upon further examination, police determined that the temporary tag contained a number of inconsistencies, prompting suspicions that the tag was counterfeit. Police arrested the man and charged him with the misdemeanor offense of Forgery and Counterfeiting of Registration Plates. He retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend him in this matter. Attorney Calcagni obtained and produced evidence proving that the man had borrowed a car from a friend. Additional evidence showed that the vehicle owner recently bought the car and received the apparently fake temporary registration tag from the automobile dealership. This showed that the man had no knowledge or reason to know that the vehicle as not properly registered and that its registration plate was counterfeit. Accordingly, Attorney Calcagni successfully persuaded prosecutors to dismiss the charges against his client. The matter has since been sealed and removed from the man’s record.

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