Uttering False Checks Lawyer

What is Uttering False Checks?

Uttering False Checks is a type of white-collar crime that occurs where one intentionally writes a check with knowledge there are insufficient funds to cover the check in the particular account against which the check is drawn. Uttering False Checks can also occur where one writes a check without the authority to do so such as in the case of a counterfeit or a stolen check where the author falsifies the signature of the account holder. Uttering a False Check is a form of Fraud. The misrepresentations are two-fold: (1) the issuer of the check has the authority to issue it and (2) the account on which it is drawn has sufficient funds to cover that amount for which the check is written.

Uttering False Checks violates state and federal law. This crime is most often prosecuted on the state level. However, it is important to seek legal representation from an attorney who is well-versed in both state and federal law to ensure your rights are protected in both jurisdictions. The severity of this crime is based two main factors: the number of checks written and the total value of loss from the falsely issued checks. Being charged with Uttering False Checks is a serious matter. Therefore, if you have been charged with Uttering False Checks, it is important to seek legal representation immediately in order to protect your rights and minimize the impact that a charge of his nature may have on your life.

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