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Mr. calcagni and his team did an excellent job. I’ll make sure to use them again if ever need be!

Frank Santos

I am very grateful to the lawyer, I was involved in some problems, serious ones. And he gave me his help. an excellent price and everything was resolved successfully. Thank you very much, I highly recommend it. for any type of problems⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jr Ostolaza

Attorney John L. Calcagni III is one of the best around. He is a great criminal attorney that can help you out when you have no one else to turn too. He saved me and my family though a pretty hard time in our lives. He was able to get to the truth and protect us. Thank you Attorney Calcagni I’m so happy I was able to hire you to help me and my family.

Emilie Mis

John is a excellent lawyer and helped me tremendously with my case. He is polite, helpful and very knowledgeable.

Blood Alley Ride Co.

John is my current defense lawyer. My interactions with John have been great. Very fluid kinda guy, easy to talk to, and seems to understand ME. I would highly recommend him to a friend or family.

Mercedes Pritchard

John is an amazing lawyer and has such great bedside manner. I had a very pleasant experience with John and also Leah. Every question was answered at the best it could be and explained everything to my family and I. If anyone is ever looking to be represented in the Rhode Island area. I STRONGLY recommend John and everyone that works at the law firm! You will not be disappointed

Emmanuel Melendez

Great Lawyer his firm did an amazing job with my case my Wife was making calls when i was at the detention center and he was the only one who took the case right away he make a call and I got my meds some long pants I was freezing next day he was on court he told me I got you buddy a lot of experience really professional and reasonable pricing for the kind of lawyer that he is also his team always answers my emails and phone calls and text


Thank you John and team to handle my case in such good matter. The law office provided me exceptional service with a high level of professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal assistance. The team is the best and if you are in needed of their service don't think twice call the office.Thank you again.


John is the greatest lawyer that i have ever dealth with, he is smart, intelligent and understands the law like the back of his hands. He represented me in the military when they were trying to give me dishonorable discharge, he meticulously tabled his case and i was aquitted. In another instance i hit someone on a home depot parking lot, the person was seriously injured, the police department took me to court, guess who i reached out to: John, he fought with the insurance company to pay the injured woman compensation. The case is now closed. If you need a defense attorney who will win for you and address your case meticulously, hire John, he will win for you

JJ 20999

John is a responsibility person and work ability.

Kara Sousa

After conducting thorough research and consulting with Attorney John Pensa, I determined that he was the most suitable choice for legal representation. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field are unparalleled. The level of dedication and attention he gives to his clients is exceptional. Attorney Pensa is easily approachable and offers candid feedback. I am grateful to have partnered with his team and would not hesitate to seek their services again in the future.

Luke DaCosta

Mr. Calgani and his firm displayed the utmost professionalism while working my case. I received the best results in my case and could not have asked for a better result. I highly recommend John and his team.

Ricky Rozay

Did a great job highly recommended

Kyrie Baker

Great law firm John Calcagni and John Pensa are Extremely Great at there Profession they were able to help me get my case resolved they are worth every penny and I’ll recommend them any day I appreciate everything they did for me. And I’ll tell you myself if your having legal issues Go with these Guys they will definitely help you and get the job done. Marvin Bivens

Jonathan Jessop

I recently hired this firm and was assigned Attorney John Pensa. I currently live out of state, and flying back and forth would have been a huge financial burden for me and my family. Mr.Pensa did a master of a job arranging for me to appear by Zoom the entire case. Also, the outcome of the case was much better than i anticipated. He completely cleared me of the bogus accusation that was on the table. Justice at its best , this attorney is a master at his profession, and i would even say it's an art to him. I could tell he loves his work and is passionate about it. I would hire him again without questions and highly recommend you do the same.

Peter Sarza

The law office of John L. Calcagni, III are very professional , responsive, knowledgeable and always have your best interest in mind. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone that is in need of there services! Sincerely, Peter Sarza

Richard Penha

The law office of John l.calcagni is a great team real professional and hard working appreciate everything they did for me .most importantly they kept me out of jail when the state demanded time .

Crestfallen Warrior

Great lawyer. John Pensa as well. Helped me with my case in Massachusetts and owe both John Calcagni and John Pensa my freedom today. Highly recommend for representation against sex offense charges. Helped me immensely with my case.

Korrie McIntyre

I just wanted to thank you and your office for everything. I’m eternally grateful for you helping me out. Give my thanks to Mr. Pensa as well. Thanks for your time.

Zachary Isabel

John is truly a pleasure to work with. You can call him anytime and he will get back to you promptly to answer any questions or concerns. Highly recommended hiring John if you or a family member is looking for a defense lawyer.

Devin Silva

Can say I was blessed to have the help of both Johns & Leah from this office. Amazing service and communication. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for amazing defense attorneys. 10/10 all around! Thank you all!

Joe Lemire

John, seems like a very standup honest guy , I highly recommend if u need legal council.

Devin Honeycutt

I had a very good experience with this firm and specifically John Pensa. He was very diligent and efficient and gave me a thorough list of mitigation materials to help the case he was handling on my behalf. He explained all of the possible outcomes and was very polite and a genuinely nice person to talk to while waiting in the courthouse. He was honest, and upfront about how things would go at the initial magistrate hearing. Luckily for me, his work and services paid off, and the magistrates hearing was all I required. I am paraphrasing here, but the clerk noted to me "I'm not sure how much you paid your attorney, but it was well worth it. He put together a very detailed package and case." I hope I do not require attorney services again, but if I do He will be my first call.

Jacob Schultz

Johns legal prowess and confidence were instrumental in securing a favorable outcome for my case. From our initial meeting, I was impressed by John's professionalism and his ability to inspire my confidence. Throughout the entire legal process, John demonstrated a deep understanding of the law and applied his expertise strategically to build a strong defense. His attention to detail and thorough preparation were evident at every stage, ensuring that no aspect of my case was overlooked. What truly stood out was John's confidence in his abilities and his commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. His confidence was infectious, and it gave me the reassurance and peace of mind I needed during a challenging time. John's communication skills were exceptional, keeping me informed and empowered throughout the process. He was always available to answer my questions and provide guidance, which helped alleviate any concerns I had along the way. Thanks to John's expertise, dedication, and unwavering confidence, we emerged victorious. I am incredibly grateful for his outstanding representation and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance. John Calcagni is a top-tier attorney whose confidence, expertise, and dedication make him a formidable advocate in the courtroom. If you're looking for a winning team for your legal matters, John is the one to call.

Lasheem Wilson

Top tier lawyer with years of experience, very respectful, and passionate! Would recommend to anyone


Great firm..I couldn't be happier with the results

Tracy Lane

I was so grateful for John and Leah‘s services. They were very thorough and assured me along the way. I highly recommend them.

nic saints

Only I can say about John is thank you to give me my life back after false accusations and now I can see my son Francesco have he’s first steps and grow up and I’ll be able to finish my citizenship and be here with my wife and son a big thank you to believe on me and my innocence uno amice per vita grazie from Sergio,Angela and Francesco, the pica family from New York.

Angela P.

Attorney Calcagni is driven and compassionate. He invests his loyalty to his clients. He has practical and analytical expertise in the field of law. He is composed, professional and communicates clearly. He puts the client's interest above all else. He makes every effort to ensure and amplify the client's success. This can be observed by his incredible devotion and advocacy with his cases. His law firm will provide the most outstanding representation. Due to his vast knowledge of law, he saved my family from experiencing an extreme emotional hardship that would have impacted us for years. We give The Law Office of John L.Calcagni, III, the highest recommendation.

Kaity Chase

I met John when he was working on a case for a family member, I thought he was excellent then so I reached out when I was in need. He was super informative and explained exactly what to expect throughout the process. John and his team made a stressful situation as comfortable as possible for me. I would hire him again if a need arises.

Michael Bryan

First off I wanna thank John and his team for all his help over the years. I can say when John first started representing me if it wasn’t for him I might not be here today. This is a very personal case he represented myself my family and I on, and I cannot express the gratitude of his expertise and the results. When my situation first started, I had another local attorney that was recommended to me and it was a disaster. My wife and I prayed for help and we begin looking for someone new and John‘s name came up first and it was a blessing. I will tell everyone with 100% sincerity, If you need help, John will be the attorney to do it.

TaimooR Khalid

I saw John and his team in action in a case a few months ago and was thoroughly impressed by his attention to details and his questioning of the opposing party. Little did I know at that time that I will be requiring John's services in a few months. Due to an unfortunate event I had to contact John. John and his team were upfront about what will happen and that put my mind at ease. My case was dismissed quickly. Knowing John and his team was in my corner, really put my mind at ease.

Louis Faiola

My experience with John Calcagni and his Team was excellent. John was very informative and made sure I knew exactly what was going on at all times. He made me feel calm and relaxed in a time of worry. He is very professional and knowledgeable I truly believe he is the best around I would highly recommend his office to anyone, I am extremely grateful to John and his team.

Juan Funes

The law office showed an Incredible amount of patience and carefulness. They always have time to very clearly explain to me what they are doing as part of representation on their clients behalf, what to expect in the future, as well as recommendations on how to proceed. Very satisfied with the service.

Abbie Gallic

John is very thorough and helpful. He made sure I felt prepared, helped organize necessary documents, and was very professional and helped get the results we wanted. Would definitely recommend.

tim craft

John and his team were great! Professional. Courteous. Timely. He helped our family get through a very difficult time. I couldn't have hoped for better results. Thanks again, John! You're a Rockstar, man! literally ;)

Stephen Kuczer

Excellent legal services and advice provided, everything went well. I am pleased with the outcome, and would highly recommend the Law Office of John L. Calcagni, III.

Elvin Montoya

My experience with John Calgani was excellent. He is a knowledgeable human being who cares about his clients. From the beginning, John made me feel comfortable and believed in me. He explained the process of what to expect throughout my situation. His impressive team kept me informed throughout with impeccable communication. I could contact John when I had questions throughout without any complications. I will keep your information on hand if i or a friend ever need your services. I highly recommend the Law Office of John L. Calcagni, III

jordan carrillo

Mr. Calcagni and his staff were great to communicate with. He got back to me very quickly each time. He took the time to listen and explain to me what I need to do. Very friendly and professional. I recommend anyone move forward with him if you can have him as your lawyer.

Joe C

My son found himself in some trouble that could have seriously impacted his entire future. We interviewed a dozen attorneys when searching for someone to represent him. We were looking for the absolute best considering what was potentially at stake. Immediately upon meeting Attorney Calcagni we knew he was the right choice. We wanted someone that was not only incredibly smart and very knowledgeable of the laws but also someone with extensive trial experience in the event in came to that. Attorney Calcagni checked all the boxes. He’s a no nonsense straight shooter and tells it like it is (which I greatly appreciate). He was always easily accessible and kept us updated during the entire process. In the end he was able to get my son an outcome we were all happy with and we (thankfully) didn’t have to take anything to trial. I would absolutely use him again if needed and send my friends and family to Attorney Calcagni without any reservation. My son can now get on with his life. Thank you Attorney Calcagni!

Luis Larios

John Calcagni is the best lawyer in the state of Rhode Island, having never been in trouble with the law before and now facing very serious Domestic Violence Charges I didn't know where to turn, hired John was the best decision i ever made he was honest with me since day 1, he is a true professional and knowledge lawyer., as a permanent resident I was afraid of losing my residence and being deported, John knows Criminal and immigration law, he is a Crimmigration lawyer he was able to get those charges plea down to an immigration friendly disposition, I will call that basically a miracle, now I am able to remain in the country with my family and apply for US Citizenship in a couple of years, I will be grateful with John my entire life, I don't have enough words to express my gratitude. Thanks John Calcagni God bless you..!

Lori Ouellette

i had a case go on for awhile because of Covid. I was very nervous of the outcome and John Cacagni was a wonderful lawyer. He made us feel comfortable and answered all are questions. He kept fighting for us until we agreed on a solution. I would recommend him to anyone that needed counseling. He is very professional and always there to answer anything that you need answers to. I am very happy with him as my lawyer .

Yesmin Gonzalez

I contacted John Calcagni over a family case and not only did he explain the process in details but provided support and council throughout the months of process. John understood my needs, was upfront, fair, always answered my calls/emails, and was the perfect lawyer for the job. Thank goodness with him on my side we were able to resolve everything in a timely manner and have a favorable outcome. He and his team worked tirelessly to get everything resolved and straightened out. No one wants to be in a position where they need a lawyer but if ever something arises in the future, I know I can call on John.

George Haywood

I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Calcagni on my case, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for his exceptional support and communication throughout the entire process. From the moment he took on my case, Attorney Calcagni made it a priority to stay in constant communication with me, ensuring that I was always informed and updated. He was readily accessible and made himself available whenever I had questions or concerns. Attorney Calcagni's dedication to his clients is truly commendable. He went above and beyond to provide me with the support and guidance I needed, making me feel confident and reassured every step of the way. His expertise and attention to detail were evident in his work, and I felt like I was in capable hands throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Attorney Calcagni to anyone in need of legal representation. His professionalism, accessibility, and commitment to his clients are unmatched. Thank you, Attorney Calcagni, for your outstanding support and for helping me navigate through a challenging time!!!

Matthew Metz

Attorney John L. Calcagni III is the best. He has helped some of my closest friends. John is a former federal prosecutor and knows his way in and out of many state and federal courts. He handles all his cases with care, compassion and second to none expertise. If you, a friend or a relative need criminal defense representation, the decision is easy - call John Calcagni immediately. You won't regret it and the case will be handled beyond your expectations.

Timothy Hamlin

Mr. Calcagni and Mr. Pensa are the whole package. They provided me guidance and representation through the hardest time of my life. I had originally hired a family friend attorney, who did not communicate well nor defend me. I had to make a quick decision to find someone that would be responsive, empathetic to my situation and understanding that I this was a world I was completely unfamiliar with. When you are not used to the criminal system, you feel like you are in the dark and John's team made sure that I was well aware of my options through out the process. My situation was continuing to get worse... and Mr. Calcagni's team moved quickly to resolve my multiple cases in the best way possible. I was shown respect and treated like a priority throughout my cases and the years of connections and experience that his team has provided me with a true feeling of confidence that I was given the best possible options at all time. I would recommend Mr.Calcagni and his firm to my Family and friends 110% of the time.

Jose Borras

John Pensa and his legal team are outstanding! He is an amazing attorney and i just cant find the words to describe how great he is, but i will try. He was able to get all charges dismissed with such ease. It was amazing watching him work as the trial proceedings progressed. He reminded me of Johnny Cochran when he got O.J off! He does his research and looks up similar cases that were dismissed to strengthen your argument! 10 of out 5 stars! Would recommend and will be keeping his number for the future if i ever run into trouble again. Thanks again John P for everything! I have my freedom due to your phenomenal work!

monique fernandes

Best criminal defense attorney in New England. John is one of very few attorneys that not only is beyond brilliant at his job but cares for it; and that's how you know you have found the best and perfect attorney. When someone not only fights for you but fights for you because they love what they do and has a passion for it. I am so blessed to have had chosen John as my attorney, I wouldn't change anything, he fought for me from the beginning to the end. Thank you for everything John! If a defense attorney was ever needed in anything in your life, John Calcagni is truly the only and best way to go!


Two and a half years ago, my life was turned upside down by a charge that I never thought I would face. The emotions that came with that charge were fear, anxiety and complete terror. Not only was my freedom in jeopardy, but my reputation as well. Worst of all, though, my family’s future. Because my charges came out of the blue, I was originally assigned a public defender and it was obvious that I needed to hire a private criminal defense attorney after discussions with the public defender about my case. I found John Calcagni through a basic search of criminal defense attorneys and read his reviews. Before I even met him, I knew John was going to be expertly skilled, just from his impressive credentials, never mind the exhaustive list of positive reviews from previous clients. When I met John, I was also introduced to his associate, John Pensa. As I described the charges, both men listened and took notes and were ready to get to work - BEFORE I even gave them a penny. I had literally been in the office for under an hour and they were already requesting my file from the public defender. I entered their office in terror and left that day feeling as though I wasn’t alone anymore. As the pretrial phase of the process began a few weeks later, John Pensa took the wheel of my particular case and Calcagni would be his guide. And, although Pensa had taken over, Calcagni always made it clear that he was also available if I had questions, John Pensa always answered any concerns I had with lightning speed. As the process continued, the best way to describe their style of representation is: aggressive, yet strategic. John Pensa was always aware of obstacles that might get in the way of a plan, but more importantly, he knew how to avoid them. And, when obstacles were unavoidable, he had an escape plan in place. Never once in two and a half years was there ever even an ounce of hopelessness out of Pensa (or Calcagni’s) mouth. When one or two obstacles came our way (which we expected), there was ALWAYS another immediate plan of action. Ultimately, the team work of John Pensa and John Calcagni gave me my life back. For over two years, I woke up either crying my eyes out or shaking in terror, remembering my circumstances another day. Now, I wake up to my children laughing, my wife smiling and my dog wanting to play. And, for the first time in two and a half years, I am ready to face the day again with hope, not dread. If you’re reading this and you’re facing any type of criminal charges, get to John Calcagni’s office as soon as you possibly can.

Angel Record tv show

They was the best my case was big and they took me out easy


It's scary getting a visit from the FBI and a letter stating you are a person of interest in a Grand Jury Investigation. I panicked and tried to find someone to help me, and that was John Calcagni. Before seeing him I couldn't sleep and this case was all I could think about. But John got me out of my head space by convincing me to let him take over this burden. Right move, John guided me through the process, kept me calm and on course, and ultimately secured that letter stating I was no longer a person of interest. As John stated to me, it was the optimal outcome. But I believe he was the optimal attorney. With all sincerity, Thank you Mr. Calcagni.

Justin Almeida

John is one of the best. He’s a great guy & an awesome lawyer. Couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Chris Norberg

Dan Griffin is the absolute best. Called his number on a Sunday and he texted back followed by a phone call. He didn't know me at all. He reassured me he could help me and he was true to his word. I do not want to go into the details of my case, but rest assured he's 100% a professional and got my case dismissed. I am forever grateful for him as is my wife!

Loredana Ilie

We were convicted of Conspiracy misdemeanor and he managed to change it to a will full trespass so that it wont affect our Immigration record! Definitely recommend Mr Calcagni!

Akeel Rehman

Very personable, assisted the entire process and was very informative on what was going to happen in terms of my case. His direct involvement led to a satisfactory outcome for my case. I would highly recommend John.

Florin Hornea

John Calcagni is an excellent lawyer when he says “ i’ll resolve your case” he goes with it till the end! I 100% recommend John!

Jake Warden

John calcagni is professional, hardworking, and an elite lawyer , he helped me throughout my whole case and made the best decisions to help me win and move on with my life , I would recommend him to anyone who is going through troubles, thank you John now I can move forward.

Carmine Zeppetelle

This was my first time retaining the Law office of John Calcagni. I had the pleasure of meeting with John to discuss my very scary situation, at that time I found John to be very professional and knowledgeable and I knew I made the right choice. I am extremely satisfied with his service. I am very pleased with the result and outcome in my case. I will keep your name and phone number if needed again. Thank you John for all your work and I highly recommend you to anyone. Have to give you a Five stared rating God Bless you

Chase Gullekson

John was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Highly recommend for any legal assistance.

Dante Figueira

Great and quick experience. Nothing to be nervous about, utmost confidence and respect. Appeared in the court and was in and out in 30 min!

Gregory Mastrangelo

I came to the John Calcagni Law Firm needing help navigating the legal system and obtaining a fair result. I got the help I wanted from a firm with the legal experience and dedication I needed.

Secret Society

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to John Calcagni's office for their exceptional legal assistance. When I was facing a daunting felony gun charge, their team stepped in and delivered outstanding results. John Calcagni and his dedicated staff displayed an impressive level of legal expertise and commitment throughout the entire process. They meticulously reviewed the case, explored every avenue, and, in the end, successfully secured a dismissal of the felony gun charge. I couldn't have asked for better legal representation. If you find yourself in a challenging legal situation, I wholeheartedly recommend John Calcagni's office. They are true professionals who genuinely care about their clients and achieving justice.

Franciele Tonin

John is great, where most are more focused on holding people accountable right from the start, he was able to guide me with confidence, grateful for his knowledge and for solving my case with all the professionalism he has

Guilhermino Teixeira

(Translated by Google) I was well taken care of...I really liked it All very professional (Original) Fui bem atendido ..gostei bastante Todos bem profissionais

Jose Ibarra

When I found myself needing an attorney, I asked multiple people and everyone suggested me to go and see John Calcagni. I was told that he is reliable, professional and great at what he does and the best. I did and he resolved my case. I have no words to express how satisfied I am with his work. I really recommend him and his team. Raul Ibarra

Robert Nickerson

John is the best criminal attorney in Rhode Island.

Jeremy Torres

Man, where do I start? Someone recently made some false allegations against me. Very scary situation to be in. I did some research on a few lawyer s but, I didn’t want to choose a lawyer too quick, I wanted to make sure I chose the right one. I had a few lawyers in mind, but when I read about John Calcagni and the cases that he’s won, I knew I had to hire him as my lawyer. I was a little nervous because I’ve never been in any sort of situation like this or have never been in trouble with the law. I texted John about my situation and immediately he asked me when I would like to come in to speak with him. Our first meeting, I told him about the allegations. John was very honest about the consequences of such allegations and I appreciated that. I wanted to know everything even if it was hard to hear and he explained it very well. One thing I really appreciated about John is that he refused to take my money before we knew for sure that a police report was made about me. He said “ listen, you have a family, a wife, a newborn kid. I don’t wanna take your money. Why don’t you find out if a report was made about you and contact me if it was made”. I feel like not every lawyer would give that offer and I’m so grateful for that. A few days later I found out that a report was made about me. I immediately texted John and he told me that his offer stands. I hired him. He invited me for another meeting, took my info down and the info of the person and family of the one making allegations against me and started investigating. He told me in that meeting to make sure I don’t talk to any police or anyone about the situation. He explained that it will help that I’ve never had a criminal background, that I’m a family man, a working man, if this ever went to court. A few days later a detective called me to talk about the allegations. I immediately told John and he immediately contacted the detective through phone and mail telling him that I exercise my right to remain silent, that no arrest will be necessary if it came to that, and to avoid speaking to me or asking me any questions that will incriminate. John guided me and told me to don’t answer to anyone and if I did get arrested that I call him immediately. He also told me the only thing I should say is “I wanna call my lawyer”. Well I followed his instructions and didn’t call the detective back. Again, a few days later I met with John and he said that he could possibly prevent these false allegations from lifting off the ground and being taken to court and that’s exactly what he did. He spoke with the detective and some way , somehow they decided that they did not have sufficient evidence against me to make a case and the investigation was closed just like that . I don’t know how John did it. But I give glory and honor to God for using this man as His vessel to keep me from separating from my family. From having a criminal background. From ruining my employment opportunities. My peace has returned to me. I cherish my family so much more after 2 months of hell. In my opinion, John is a very honest man. He’s not going to sugar coat anything. He will let you know the good and the bad. He will let you know the consequences of the allegations and what he believes he can do for you. I appreciated that he didn’t play pretend. He didn’t make any false or broken promises. He told me where I stood and what was possible on his end and he did it. I can continue my life without worrying about losing my family. I could of possibly faced 10 years in prison but I’m free. Never even lifted off the ground. God is so so good and I’m glad that he used John and the skills that John has acquired through many years of experience. God bless you John and thank you so much!

Divesh Mehta

My experience with the Law office of John L. Calcagni, III was excellent. John was very detailed in explaining the situation and worked hard to get the best possible outcome. He worked in my best interest and gave great advise through the process. He was very available when I needed to communicate with him. I highly recommend John.

Jeremy Gonzalez

I was never in trouble with the law but luckily I found out about John, he talked me through the whole process and made me feel safe with his knowledge about the law.


Great guy and one of the best lawyers i’ve had the pleasure of meeting, very genuine and always had my best interests in mind!

Misael Estrella

(Translated by Google) Great (Original) Excelente

Melinda Madore

Awesome experience with this office shout out to Leah she was a blessing and has such an awesome personality and great confidence anything we needed her for court wise or just reassurance she was there!! John and Leah thank you so much for showing up!! 10/10 recommend!!

david roy

The team was amazing, they were there for me every step of the way. Highly recommend them for your legal services!

Mary Hedge

I had the pleasure of meeting Atty John Pensa for an unfortunate incident. He was kind and understanding and believed in my innocents from day one, he fought real hard for me, it was a devastating road for me, but Atty Pensa kept me posted on all details and made me feel reassured that things would be fine. He was right, we won our case and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you again Atty. John Pensa. I hope I'll never need a lawyer again but if I do I will call this office again

Caleb M

A few months ago I did something pretty stupid that put me in a precarious situation. I was left anxiety ridden and unsure of my future. After researching several attorneys and doing a few consultations, I will say from day one John Calcagni, III blew my expectations out of the water. I was out of state at the time, he took time out of his busy schedule to zoom call me personally within 24 hours. He learned the ins and outs of my situation, took the time to hear out my biggest concerns, and using his extensive knowledge of the justice system proposed a course of action to settle those aforementioned concerns. After retaining his services, John and his team were extremely communicative, keeping me up to date with developments in my case at every step of the way. I felt like I was in good hands throughout the entire process, and needless to say, they put me at ease through an otherwise extremely stressful time in my life. Fast forward to today, I'm on the path to getting all of my charges dismissed and sealed, and have avoided going to trial altogether. I can't thank attorney Calcagni and his team enough for his expertise, his transparency, his attention to detail, and his kindness. If you're looking for an attorney to assist you, I HIGHLY recommend John and his office and I mean that. I feel like I have my life back, and for that I thank you John. I'm extremely grateful. Cheers!

Christine Damiani

I am writing this review to express my sincere appreciation for Attorney John Calcagni's exceptional work and guidance during a challenging time in my life. As someone who has never had issues with the law, it was overwhelming to deal with for over a year and a half. I hired Attorney Calcagni to represent me, and he has been nothing but thorough and professional. Attorney Calcagni’s has been invaluable in navigating the legal complexities of my situation. My only regret is not hiring him sooner in this process. He makes me feel extremely protected and safe, and I don't need to hold his hand or monitor him like I do other attorneys I have previously hired. He always has my best interest at heart. Attorney Calcagni's personalized, honest, and aggressive representation has exceeded my expectations. He is a highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable criminal defense trial lawyer who has helped me understand the legal process and the potential effects my case may have on me. In conclusion, I highly recommend Attorney John Calcagni to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney. Thank you, Attorney Calcagni, for your exceptional work and for putting my mind at ease during this difficult time.

Udatcha 777

I would highly recommend the law offices of John Calcagni. John personally worked on my case, and went above and beyond to resolve it with the best outcome. June not only protected my interests in court but owing to his advice, I saved a lot of my time and resources. Also, he did everything he could to guard me against the case associated emotional harm. I will always appreciate John’s devotion and effort in helping me during my hard time.


I am writing this review to express my sincere appreciation for Attorney John Calcagni's exceptional work and guidance during a challenging time in my life. As someone who has never had issues with the law, it was overwhelming to deal with for over a year and a half. I hired Attorney Calcagni to represent me, and he has been nothing but thorough and professional. Attorney Calcagni's expertise has been invaluable in navigating the legal complexities of my situation. My only regret is not hiring him sooner in this process. Unlike other attorneys I have previously hired, I don't need to hold his hand or monitor him; he makes me feel extremely protected and safe. It is evident that he always has my best interests at heart. His personalized, honest, and aggressive representation has exceeded my expectations. Attorney Calcagni is a highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who has not only guided me through the legal process but also helped me understand the potential effects my case may have on me. In conclusion, I highly recommend Attorney John Calcagni to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney. His exceptional work and ability to put my mind at ease during this difficult time have been invaluable. Thank you, Attorney Calcagni, for your unwavering support and for being an outstanding legal advocate.

Phillip Nash

Very professional and on point , always kept it realistic and made sure you understood the options you had. Overall, the results superseded my expectations. I highly recommend this law firm !

Ivan Albizures

Excellent experience with Mr. Calcagni and his team. Would definitely recommend!

Chad Powers

John and his team we very professional and competent. They prepared thoroughly as if it was the most important case they had. Also, it was very comforting how communicative that John and his team were about the status of my case. John and his team Really know what they are doing

Jack Zhang

John and his team are truly world-class. Their expertise and relationships run deep and their ability to navigate through the legal process is truly remarkable. They are a trusted partner for anyone in need.

Melissa Velleca

Sometimes in life you find yourself in less than desirable circumstances. Circumstances that are unfortunate and possibly unfair, but are no less the circumstances. Hiring John Calcagni was a blessing. John is a kind, caring, and compassionate person. He is well spoken, professional, extremely knowledgeable and commands attention. All of which are true attributes of a powerful criminal defense attorney. John handled our case with care and compassion while always taking the time to answer our questions even when they were redundant or time consuming. John explained everything from the start of the case until the very end to be sure we were well informed throughout the process. He even opened up his office on a Sunday morning to meet with us. Most importantly John advised us like we were family and never gave up on our case, even when it took 3 years to resolve with a favorable outcome. Hiring John was a choice, but it was the right choice. If you find yourself in an undesirable place, we highly recommend consulting John Calcagni. Thank you John for your attention to our lives and case. We know that if we need you in the future, you will undoubtedly be there.

manuel costa

John Calgagni, is in my opinion, one of the most prolific and professional attorneys in the state of Rhode Island. His assistance in my case was handled with the utmost care and respect for my wishes. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in a positive result to any legal matter!

Shellie Ruble

He and his firm did what he was hired to do and more! Very satisfied with the service of this Law firm would HIGHLY recommend them. Very professional, everyone in the law firm.

Mark West

John and his staff worked very hard on my case. I was always informed on how my case was proceeding. I would recommend his services to others.

tommy martinez

Amazing work! Handled my case swiftly and got the results I was looking for. Him and his team constantly kept me up to date and were available to reach at anytime.

Betsy Allen

Reassuring, kind, and most of all, capable. John is certainly worthy of the utmost praise!

D. Harris

Great Attorney answers all questions and keeps you informed about your case. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Joseph Xie

Very intelligent. One of the best lawyer in the United States.

Brandon Kidd

Attorney John Calcagni and Attorney John Pensa worked diligently to provide me with a favorable outcome. I would hire this firm again in a minute.

Donna Santagata

My family’s experience with the Law Office of John Calcagni III was excellent. John and his team went above and beyond. Our family could not have hoped for a better outcome. John was always there when we needed him. He always responded the same day to our emails or calls if we had questions or concerns about the case. He thoroughly explained all details regarding our case and made us feel at ease. What most impressed us was the confidence John and his team expressed. We knew we were in good hands and with the best law firm. Thank you to John and his team.

Jeremy Deossa

You will not find a better person to represent you. John is good man who is great at what he does. He helped me tremendously throughout my legal process & has gone above and beyond for me. Thanks John!

Bryan Menge

Attorney John L. Calcagni was strait forward and did exactly what he said he would do with no excuses. Try find that anywhere else in this universe.


Attorneys Calcagni and Pensa handled our cases with great care and utmost professionalism. I am truly pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend their firm to anyone who may benefit from the services.

Kat Ortiz

(Translated by Google) Very grateful for the service. They are excellent. They guided me at all times. His work team is very professional. Thanks John Pensa. Thank you John Calcagni (Original) Muy agradecida con el servicio. Son excelentes. Me orientaron en todo momento. Su equipo de trabajo son muy profesionales. Gracias John Pensa. Gracias John Calcagni

Johanna De La Cruz

(Translated by Google) Very good, humble and helpful, it was very good to have him to help my brother, (Original) Muy bueno, humilde y ayudador fue muy bueno contar con el para ayudar a mi hermano,

Eric Coelho

John Calgani and John Pensa are the two best lawyers around! Helped me out, hopefully I will not need them again but they are who I would call.

noah. d.

Exceptional Lawyer, Always reaches back out to you himself when he can, he goes out of his way to make you feel like his only client despite his busy schedule. Working with Lea was also a great experience. John Calcagni went out of his way to cover all of the bases from day one & despite this experience being tumultuous his confidence & knowledge on the subjects made it much easier to trust him with your case. I highly recommend Mr. Calcagni to anyone who may need representation in the future.

Scott Nettleton

I must say that working with John L. Calcagni has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to my case was truly impressive. From the moment I met John L. Calcagni, I knew that I was in good hands. They took the time to listen to my concerns and understood the details of my case, and worked tirelessly to ensure that my rights were protected and my best interests were served. Their legal knowledge and experience were evident in every interaction we had, and I was continually impressed by their attention to detail, strategic thinking, and clear communication. They kept me informed every step of the way, and their ability to explain complex legal concepts in simple, understandable terms was a true asset. But what really stood out to me was their passion for their work and their unwavering commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for me. They never wavered in their determination to fight for my rights, and their hard work and dedication paid off in a positive result that exceeded my expectations. Overall, I can't recommend John L. Calcagni highly enough. They are an exceptional legal professional who truly cares about their clients and goes above and beyond to achieve the best possible outcomes. If you are looking for an attorney who is knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about their work, then look no further. They are simply the best!

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We would not hesitate to hire him again

Attempted Breaking into a Depository; Four Counts of Receiving Stolen Property; and Possession of a Controlled Substance: Continued Without a Finding. When John asked us to write a testimonial for his website we thought of this as an opportunity to not only thank him but also as a chance to...

I am extremely grateful to him

Large Scale Drug Trafficker Who Faced Possible 40-Year Sentence RELEASED ON TIME SERVED After Spending 17 Months in Jail. This testimony is to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. John Calcagni for his excellent work his honesty and all the effort that he dedicated to my case. From the begin...

He took a very personal approach to our case

First, a huge thank you! Just over a year ago, I had one of the worst days that I could have possibly imagined. I accrued multiple criminal charges on federal property that could have drastically affected the rest of my and my family’s life. G.W.

I will recommend him to anyone who requires the best in legal counsel.

After searching online for an attorney, the one who stood out the most was John L. Calcagni III. I was highly impressed with his website, experience, success, and after meeting him, his personable and caring character towards me. He walked me though the process and made me feel very comfortable. D...