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We would not hesitate to hire him again

Attempted Breaking into a Depository; Four Counts of Receiving Stolen Property; and Possession of a Controlled Substance: Continued Without a Finding.

When John asked us to write a testimonial for his website we thought of this as an opportunity to not only thank him but also as a chance to give other families who might be facing similar circumstances a sense of comfort knowing their son or daughter would be in good hands if represented by Attorney Calcagni. Our son made poor choices that got him into trouble. He needed to own up and accept responsibility but as parents we needed to give him the best chance for getting his life back on track. We did that by retaining Attorney Calcagni to defend him in court against criminal charges.

With John’s sound legal advice and insightful understanding of our son as a troubled teenager (and not a criminal) we were able to achieve the best possible legal outcome for him. John’s success in this situation can be attributed to a number of things. At the outset our son M was able to connect with John; he made himself “approachable.” Of equal importance was John’s in-depth legal knowledge and skill when communicating with the District Attorney as well as the presiding Judge assigned to M’s case.

There are many attorneys to choose from who are knowledgeable and skilled at practicing law but we experienced something far more valuable with John. He took the time to get to know our family dynamics and our son. In the end it was John’s insightful understanding of us and what we valued most for our son that yielded the results we were hoping for. We would not hesitate to hire him against or to recommend him to others. Thank you John!!