Rhode Island Robbery Defense Attorney

What is Robbery?

Robbery is one of the most serious common law felonies known to the law. This offense is defined as taking the personal property of another by the use of force or threat of force. The spectrum of conduct encompassed by robbery is extensive, and includes
traditional notions of robbery such as an armed bank robbery or less severe forms of the crime such as stealing a woman’s purse from the clutches of her hands. Regardless of severity, robbery is the type of crime for which courts and prosecutors will
want to punish offenders with lengthy jail sentences.

There are various factors that can aggravate the severity of a robbery and to which courts and prosecutors may cite for increased punishments. These factors include the presence or absence of weapons; the actual use of weapons to inflict harm or fear
to the victim(s); injuries (or absence thereof) sustained by the robbery victim; the wearing of masks or other clothing to conceal identity; nature and circumstances of the victim such as age, identity, health, and status; and type and value of the
property stolen. If you have been charged with Robbery, it is important to seek legal representation immediately to protect your rights and to minimize the impact that a criminal charge of this nature may have on your life.

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