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March 2013 Leaving the Scene of an Accident

March 2013 Leaving the Scene of an Accident

State Police charged a motorist with Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

Police received a report that two motor vehicles collided while traveling on the highway Interstate 95. Motorist A claimed that Motorist B struck his car while changing lanes. Motorist A further alleged that Motorist B did not bring his vehicle to a stop after the accident but continued to drive off as if the accident never occurred. Motorist A contacted the State Police from his cellphone moments after the incident while traveling on the highway. He relayed to police what he alleged had occurred and that he was in pursuit of Motorist B. Motorist A followed Motorist B for several miles to his place of employment where Motorist B parked his vehicle and went inside.

Police responded to the scene and met with Motorist a who identified Motorist by car. Police then went inside the business where Motorist B worked arrested him in front of his co-workers and employer towed his car and charged him with Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Motorist B hired Attorney Calcagni to represent him against this criminal charge.

After conducting an independent aggressive investigation Attorney Calcagni discovered that the alleged collision resulted in no property damage or personal injury to anyone. The alleged incident was also not witnessed by any independent third party witnesses. Lastly Attorney Calcagni learned from his clientӳ automobile insurance carrier that Motorist A was uncooperative with the claims process; sold the vehicle he alleged was struck by Motorist B; and that the carrier was denying Motorist Aӳ insurance claim.Based upon these collective factors Attorney Calcagni successfully negotiated for dismissal of the charge against his client Motorist B on the morning of trial.

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