Felony Assault on an Elderly Person Age 60 or Older: Reduced to Misdemeanor Charge of Disorderly Conduct and Filed for One Year.

Assault Offenses

A young woman was arrested by North Providence Police for Felony Assault on a Person Age 60 or Older. She and her older boyfriend got into a verbal altercation after he activated their house alarm before she returned home for the evening. They had a disagreement at a restaurant earlier in the night causing them to return home separately. The alarm sounded when the woman entered the house. This exacerbated their situation, prompting a verbal argument. The man threatened to phone police. The couple struggled over his cellphone during which the man alleged his girlfriend struck him in the face, causing a bloody lip and other minor injuries. He reported this story to police, which prompted his girlfriend’s arrest. She retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend her against this charge in Rhode Island Superior Court. After attending a pre-arraignment conference on his client’s behalf, Attorney Calcagni negotiated with prosecutors to amend or reduce the charged felony to less serious, misdemeanor offense of Disorderly Conduct. Attorney Calcagni further negotiated for the amended and less serious charge to be filed for one year, which means without punishment A filing also does constitute a criminal conviction under Rhode Island law. Providing the woman is not charged with a new offense in the next year, she will be eligible to have this matter expunged from her record at that time.