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Case Result

Domestic Vandalism and Disorderly Conduct: Dismissed. 

Domestic Vandalism and Disorderly Conduct: Dismissed. 

A man and his wife had a verbal altercation while attending a party.  The wife left the event and returned home first.  The husband left the party and returned home sometime later.  Upon arrival, he discovered the door to his home was locked.

The wife refused to let him in.  As a result, he broke into the home by forcing the locked door open.   He and his wife then engaged in a shouting match.  Their teenage daughter intervened and threatened to phone the police.

In response, the man seized and destroyed her cellphone.   The daughter still contacted police who responded to the home, arrested the man and charged him with domestic violence offenses including malicious destruction of property or vandalism and disorderly conduct.

He retained Rhode Island Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend him in this matter.    After working with the man’s wife and daughter, Attorney Calcagni obtained their support in favor of dismissing all charges.

Attorney Calcagni documented this support with written affidavits, which he provided to the prosecution.  Based upon these efforts, Attorney Calcagni successfully convinced prosecutors to dismiss this case and its charges against his client.