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Hiring a Criminal Defense Firm Versus a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a Criminal Defense Firm Versus a Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is common knowledge that anyone charged with a crime needs a good criminal defense lawyer.   Lawyers come in many varieties and have different skills, experiences, and resources to offer clients. 

When it comes to criminal defense attorneys, most are solo practitioners who work alone. 

A select few work in firms offering multiple attorneys, support staff, and resources to their clients. 

If you have been charged with a serious crime and are serious about your criminal defense, you are best served by retaining a criminal defense firm, as opposed to a single criminal defense lawyer on your side.

The solo practitioner is the most common form of criminal defense lawyer.  These attorneys have their own law practices, and typically work alone.  Some have brick and mortar offices, and some do not. 

Those who do not have physical offices may have a home-based office and/or work from their cars.  

Many solo practitioners also rent a single office or small office space in a suite with other lawyers who practice in the same or different area(s). This allows them to pool resources and reduce expenses.  

Some also share a receptionist or physical resources such as computers, copiers, equipment, and supplies.

Why Hire a Fully Staffed Criminal Defense Law Firm Versus a Solo Lawyer

Few criminal defense lawyers have established criminal defense firms. Hiring a firm as opposed to a single lawyer has many advantages. 

Law firms typically have two or more attorneys working together. 

In addition, these lawyers are supported by paralegals, receptionists, law clerks, research assistants, and private investigators.  

In a law firm setting, these individuals work together as a team on clients’ behalves.   When taking on any job or assignment, regardless of size or complexity, the more people to help, the better.  

The adage that two (or more) heads are better than one could not be truer than working in the law. 

The more attorneys and support staff members available to analyze, prepare, research, and investigate a case, the better and stronger the criminal defense.  This is simply a matter of common sense but often overlooked by clients when choosing a lawyer.

 Hiring a criminal defense firm over a single criminal defense lawyer is the best way to level the playing field for defendants. 

In the criminal justice system, a defendant is accused of committing crimes.  These crimes are investigated by police who receive reports of criminal activity. 

The investigation is designed to collect evidence.  After the investigation, police assemble the evidence and provide it to government lawyers who prosecute crimes. 

These lawyers, known as prosecutors, work in a large office environment and typically in teams to maximize convictions.  

Prosecutors are also supported by paralegals, receptionists and other support staff to prepare their cases.   They also have available to them extensive law enforcement resources to conduct follow-up investigations, testing or other necessary actions to perfect their cases. 

Given the magnitude of the prosecutorial machine, the average criminal defendant does not stand a chance at fighting and winning this battle alone with a single lawyer.

Successfully fighting any war is a combination of strategy, manpower, resources, and equipment. 

The largest armies do not always win, but the best chance for victory is to develop a sizeable, well-trained, heavily equipped, and committing fighting force.  

If you are charged with a crime, succeeding at trial, with pretrial motions or by obtaining a pretrial disposition short of jail is akin to fighting a war. 

The prosecution arrives to the battlefield with high numbers of personnel and resources.   If you hope to overcome this tremendous strength, you need numbers on your side as well.   In most cases, this cannot successfully happen with only a solo practitioner in your corner.

If you are charged with a serious crime, consider the Law Office of John L. Calcagni III today.   We are a full-service criminal defense firm that provides criminal defense representation in state, federal and military courts.  

We are comprised of multiple lawyers, paralegals, support staff and private investigators.  We take a team approach to every case and for every client. 

We have both a winning track record and a proven, team formula for success.  If you are accused of a state or federal crime in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut or New York, or a military crime anywhere in the world, call us today for a free consultation.

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