RI & MA Manufacturing or Creating Child Pornography Attorney

What is Manufacturing or Creating Child Pornography?

Manufacturing or Creating Child Pornography is the criminal act of creating images or videos depicting children in a sexual manner, without clothing or engaged in sexual conduct. Of all the Child Pornography Offenses, Manufacturing or Creating Child Pornography
is considered the most serious.

There are basically two ways of Manufacturing or Creating Child Pornography. One way is to use actual children as victims. Offenders then take photographs to created images of nude children or children depicted in a sexually explicit manner. Other offenders
sexually abuse children in order to file or create videos of children engaged in sexual acts. The second way of Manufacturing or Creating Child Pornography is to use sophisticated computer software and other technology to create virtual images and videos
of virtual children either in the nude or engaged in sex. Both types of child pornography, regardless of how the material is manufactured or created, are illegal.

Some offenders who manufacture or create these materials do so for their own viewing. Others do it for both their own purposes and also to distribute and/or share the materials with others. Offenders charged with Manufacturing or Creating Child Pornography
are also most often charged with companion offenses such as Child Pornography Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography.

Penalties for Manufacturing or Creating Child Pornography as the stiffest compared to other Child Pornography Offenses. This offense may have a mandatory minimum jail sentence associated with it. Other aggravating factors contribute to possible punishments
such as whether or not actual child victims were used to manufacture or create the materials. An offender’s alleged commission of companion offenses also plays a role such as Possessing Child Pornography and Distribution of Child Pornography, for which
penalties relate to the quantity or volume of images and/or videos possessed and/or distributed, as well as the number of transfers that transpired.

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