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What are Assault Offenses?

Assault offenses are the category of crimes that involve the application of harmful or offensive contact between persons. An assault is generally defined as a harmful or offense touching. For example, one may commit an assault by actually striking, slapping, pushing, punching or kicking another person. The assault occurs where actual unwanted physical contact occurs. The assault may also occur in the absence of physical contact, but there the aggressor causes his intended victim to suffer fear or apprehension of imminent unwanted contact. Various jurisdictions refer to this conduct as Assault, Assault and Battery and Assault Consummated by Battery.

An assault offense may be aggravated by the use of a weapon to cause the harmful or offense contact, or apprehension thereof. Obvious examples include knives, guns, sticks, brass knuckles, and shod feet. The law recognizes that any physical object can be employed in some manner to do harm to others. So long as the object is used in such a manner, the conduct will suffice under the law to constitute assault with a weapon. Various jurisdictions refer to this type of offense as Felony Assault, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon or Aggravated Assault.

An assault offense may further be aggravated if the alleged victim was touched in a sexual manner. This type of conduct, broadly known as sexual assault, refers to the touching by one, of another, without consent on areas of the body such as buttocks, anus, breasts, penis, vagina, and surrounding areas. This type of assault can also occur if the unwanted touching occurs by the aggressor with his or her sex organ. Sexual assault varies of severity depending on where and how the victim is touched. This ranges from unwanted touching on the outside of one’s clothing up to and including forcible sexual penetration. Sexual assault offenses can be further aggravated by the age of the alleged victim. Sexual assault offenses are viewed as among the most severe types of crimes known to the law.

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