Testimony from Possession of Heroin Case

I spent years of my life battling a heroin addiction.   One day, I was stopped and arrested for possessing heroin.   I was on bail at the time for a related case but in another state.  I hired John Calcagni who was recommended to me by my ex-boyfriend who also was represented by John.   John jumped into both my cases by slowing down the prosecution process.  He then helped me get into a treatment program where I got clean from drugs.  From there, John monitored my progress and out-patient counseling.  He continued to delay my cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts until I was clean and sober, and had the records to prove it.   After many months of sobriety, John used information about my addiction and treatment to convince multiple prosecutors, judges, and courts to give me a second chance.  Both cases were dismissed thanks to John’s amazing work, belief in me, and dedication throughout this long process.