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Testimonial in Massachusetts Illegal Wiretapping Case

I am a divorcee who still struggles to maintain relations with my ex-spouse who is also the parent of my son. While attending counseling sessions for the benefit of our son and during discussions regarding the same, I secretly recorded the conversations for my own protection. My ex-spouse inadvertently learned of my actions and reported them to police. As a result, I faced criminal charges and prosecution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Illegal Wiretapping. While some states have a one-party consent rule to recording conversations, Massachusetts does not. The Commonwealth requires the consent of both parties to record a conversation. Though I was unaware of this rule, ignorance of the law is not a legal defense. Faced with criminal charges and still battling my ex-spouse in Family Court over parental rights, I hired Attorney John L. Calcagni III and his team to defend me in the Wrentham District Court. After multiple court appearances on my behalf and tireless negotiations with both police and my ex-spouse, John finally persuaded the Court to dismiss an application for a criminal complaint against me.
I am pleased with John’s professionalism, legal services and the final outcome he and his team ultimately obtained on my behalf.