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Testimonial From the U.S. Soldier’s Parent

Dear Attorney Calcagni: I cannot thank you enough for your dedicated professionalism and immediate response to help my son who is a Specialist on active duty in the United States Army.

I was desperate to find a trusted attorney who I could retain on behalf of my son. He had recently experienced a series of catastrophic live altering events resulting from deployment-related mental health issues. The most serious event was an emotional breakdown rendering him unable to continue on with military service after 5 years of continuous deployments as a U.S. Army Ranger in Special Operations. He desperately needed to leave military service yet there was no one to turn to. He did not have the support of his Command leadership or even military healthcare providers in this regard. You navigated this web of military apathy and bureaucracy to seek my son’s discharge. Your insightful and calm actions brought results within a matter of weeks. I truly believe it is due to your depth of experience in dealing with the highest levels of the military officials including members of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps that brought this matter to a hasty and favorable conclusion for my son.

My son understood from his very first phone call with you that he could trust you which brought him a tremendous measure of relief. We had experienced a number of false starts and “gotcha moments” from the military that were debilitating to both my son and I. You restored our hope and confidence in the system and thereafter obtained exceptional results on our behalf which exceeded all expectations.

Despite your heavy trial schedule – at that time – you remained diligent in touch with my son calming and guiding him through the process to reach the right resolution. Your unique ability to make contacts at the highest levels of the military was invaluable. You immediately brought about a “cease and desist” of the taunting and humiliating “meetings” and threats my Son was receiving from members of his chain of command. With you in his corner he felt protected and on his way to obtaining justice from the military in the form of an honorable discharge on account of his mental health issues.

Military law is a completely different world than what I have ever experienced during my thirty (30) years as a civilian lawyer. I sensed from our first phone call that you are highly skilled in military law and advocacy and as adept in negotiation skills as any highly paid private mediator I have hired while serving as General Counsel for various large corporations throughout my career.

My son and I knew when we spoke with you that you could resolve his issue avoid him being discharged from the military in an unfavorable matter and help to place him on the road to receiving an Honorable Discharge with resulting benefits as he and all of our Soldiers who similarly sacrificed for our freedoms well deserve. Thank you for restoring hope to my family and protecting the future of my son.