Testimonial for Reckless Driving Case

Our family recently retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney, John L. Calcagni III, to represent our son in a Reckless Driving case in Rhode Island District Court. Our young son traveled from New Hampshire to Rhode Island one day with a group of buddies to go on a motor cycle ride. Apparently, there were more participants in the ride than our son was aware. The ride caused a disturbance to the public and peace. Police were contacted. As the motorcyclists gathered in a large parking area, police arrived to disperse the group. Many disrespectfully revved their engines and rode their bikes in a reckless manner in police presence. Many also evaded police who attempted to stop them. As our son sought to depart the area, police stopped and arrested him for Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Unfamiliar with Rhode Island and the state’s criminal justice system, we did not know where to turn. We eventually discovered Attorney John L. Calcagni III. After a lengthy phone consultation, we hired him immediately. John helped us navigate the court system and justice process. He explained the process thoroughly and after three visits to court, was successfully able to get my son’s case dismissed. John then went the extra steps to retrieve my son’s personal property from the arresting police department and sealed this matter from his record. I recommend him to anyone in need of legal help.