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Testimonial for Army ROTC Cadet Disenrollment Case

As an Army ROTC Cadet, my family and I retained Military Civilian Defense Attorney, John L. Calcagni III, to assist me with a pending disenrollment action. Disenrollment was initiated against me for failing a urine drug test. The urinalysis result indicated that I used amphetamines. I have never used illegal drugs before and knew I was innocent. I researched many lawyers and found no others with John’s experience. My family and I hired him to assist me with this process. It was a stressful period of several months. During this time, John aided me with obtaining additional drug testing, polygraph examinations and even hired a forensic expert to assist with my case. He then helped me prepare for my disenrollment board by identifying and lining up my witnesses, assembling a packet of my evidence and preparing me to make a statement on my own behalf. John made this long and difficult process easier for us. His experience in front of the disenrollment board was outstanding and, most importantly, he made 100% sure I was fully prepared for this experience. Anytime I had questions, he was there to explain the process and provide detailed information. He answers every email and returns all calls in a timely manner. I would recommend Attorney Calcagni and his team to anyone with legal issues associated with the military and will certainly continue to rely upon them both now and in the future as needed.