Testimonial by Victim in Rhode Island Assault and Robbery Case

I hired John Calcagni to represent me in a complicated criminal matter. However, I was not the defendant, I was the victim. While visiting the Twin Rivers Casino, I was accosted by a strange man while standing outdoors smoking a cigarette. He stole by designed handbag and ran off with my cash winnings. I reported this incident to casino security, but they were of little help. I also reported the matter to local police who simply took a report. In need of further help, I hired Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to advocate for my interests. He made the process very easy and non-intimidating for me. He immediately contacted police, obtained the police narrative from this incident and aided me with providing a statement. He also learned the identity of and contacted the young man who assaulted and robbed me. This led to the man returning the money he had stolen from my person. The man was unable to return the designed handbag because he claimed to have discarded it while fleeing from the casino. However, with John’s efforts, we were able to make the man pay restitution for my loss and guarantee that he was held accountable in the Rhode Island Criminal Justice System. John is a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney. He simplified this complex process for me. Throughout the process, John and his team were easy to contact and communicate with by phone, text and email. They explained the process to me well and always delivered as promised. John successfully resolved my case beyond all expectations and I could not be happier with his performance. I highly recommend to others in need and will not hesitate to hire him again if needed.