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John, thank you for all that you’ve done, and continue to do.

If there were any reason to hire a criminal defense lawyer again, I would immediately go back to John L. Calcagni III. I first hired John in 2011 when I was a university student and charged with assaulting a fellow student with a knife conviction. There were multiple witnesses to this event, as it occurred in a culinary classroom at the university. Through John, I avoided a conviction and received a deferred sentence. During this 5 year deferment period, I hired John repeatedly for legal guidance and advice. John’s confidence, assurance, and sensibility creates a strong rapport with his clients. There was not anything I could not or did not ask John. He never assumed I knew anything and was open to my myriad of questions. There were many times when I emailed John, out of the blue, with questions about my charges or things that I did not fully understand. John, as a diligent attorney who cares about his clients, never rejected any of these frivolous questions or comments. Instead, he continued to be an extremely knowledgeable, edifying lawyer. From the minute I walked into his office in 2011, to the present where I am free of any convictions or charges, John has been my most vigorous and capable ally.