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John is a very caring professional

John was referred to me by another great lawyer and after the first time we met, my husband and I knew John was the right one for the job. Our 13 year-old son was charged with sexual assault unfairly and as parents we had to do something about it. My son also felt that John was someone that he could really trust and was committed to helping him. He needed that reassurance that someone had his side of the story and represented him. Our family put our faith and confidence in John. He was on top of everything communicating with us constantly until the case was resolved. John is a very caring professional. Overtime, he worked with the police and prosecutor’s office. He arranged a meeting between them and our family, and thereafter, advocated to have the investigation against our son closed with no criminal charges. My husband and I definitely recommend John to others. He is a great lawyer who helped our young son, accused of a very serious offense, walked away from these false allegations unscathed.