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John Calcagni was very professional

Criminal Defense Open and Gross Lewdness: DISMISSED

I am a U.S. Soldier who was recently charged with a civilian criminal offense. I first met Attorney Calcagni at my arraignment at the courthouse. He informed me of his military background and extensive experience defending service members. As a result I accepted his business card and agreed to contact him for an initial client consultation.

When I first walked into Attorney Calcagni’s office I was a bit nervous. I had never been charged with a crime or consulted with an attorney before. I also knew that as a service members if I was convicted of a crime of any type my military career would be over. After talking with Attorney Calcagni he was able to make a tough and stressful time for me seem much easier.

He was eager to hear about my case and determined to defend against my charge in order to preserve my military career. After appearing in Court together on a couple of occasions he was able to convince the District Attorney to dismiss the case against me. John Calcagni was very professional and a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to defend anyone’s case. He is an awesome lawyer and a fellow Soldier. I will never forget how he helped to both win my case and save my career.