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I thank God for having put this good lawyer in my path

I was arrested by federal agents and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for participating in a drug conspiracy that involved more than 100 kilograms of marijuana in Massachusetts. I was incarcerated in Arizona for one month before released on bail of $10000.00. I was free on bail for 4 months until I was rearrested for violating the conditions of my release by crossing the border into Mexico after having my request to do so denied by a federal judge. Once rearrested I was taken to Rhode Island near Massachusetts where I was in for 19 months.

The lawyer who initially represented me was from Arizona. However he was not experienced or prepared for this type of case or the federal criminal justice system. A few months into my detention he encouraged me to sign a plea agreement with the government that provided for a potential statutory sentencing range of 5-40 years for me to sign with a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years. The agreement also provided that the federal government would raise my sentence with a U.S. Sentencing Guidelines enhance of +2 points alleging I was an organizer of the drug conspiracy. The agreement concluded that I would have a guidelines sentencing range of 70-87 months in prison with a minimum of 4 years on probation. I refused to sign this agreement. Because the lawyer from Arizona clearly did not know what he was doing was not writing to me was not presenting the Court with any motions on my behalf had no real strategy to refute the government’s theory I fired him. My family and I were then referred to an excellent experienced lawyer named John L. Calcagni III. Within days of hiring John Calcagni we could begin to see a big difference between him and my former lawyer.

Attorney Calcagni quickly obtained my discovery or evidence from the government sent me weekly update letters of notification and visited me at the jail at least every two weeks. He also communicated with my family to keep them up to date on his efforts. We remained very positive John Calcagni spoke with us honestly and worked for us in a professional manner. After reviewing the case evidence together we decided to negotiate a deal. The deal he negotiated on my behalf did not include a mandatory minimum sentence or any sentencing enhancement for being an organizer within the conspiracy. After pleading guilty the Probation Department sought to interview me at the courthouse my lawyer preferred the interview be at the jail which was much more comfortable for me. Between my change of plea and sentencing hearings he continued to work very hard for me. He traveled to Arizona and Mexico to interview and photograph my friends and family for his sentencing memorandum. All of his work turned out to be very professional well-organized and in the form of a book which impressed the judge and the prosecutor because of its creativity and content. At the sentencing hearing he presented a very professional and sharp worded oral argument to combat the government’s words and harsh sentencing request.

As a result of John Calcagni’s efforts the judge delivered a sentence of 25 months with 2 years of probation. In conclusion I thank God for having put this good lawyer in my path. Attorney Calcagni succeeded in obtaining for me less than half the time my former lawyer from Arizona had achieved on my behalf. My family and I have much to thank John Calcagni for as he saved me from more time in prison. I now only have 60 days left to serve my sentence before reuniting with my wife children and overall family and friends. This is all thanks to Calcagni’s good work professionalism experience with federal cases. I consider Attorney Calcagni to be an honest hard-working professional and creative lawyer. I thank him for all of his good work strongly recommend him to others and will not hesitate to call him again in the future if I or anyone I know needs legal representation. – N.V.