I am comforted to know John will always be there for me and my family

As a professional woman, wife and mother, I never in a million years thought I need a criminal defense attorney. When the occasion presented itself, I frantically searched online for the best criminal defense attorney. We found Attorney John L. Calcagni III and decided to call him because of his extensive experience, excellent reviews and military background. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. John returned my call right away, explained the criminal justice process, agreed to take the case and rushed off to meet me at the courthouse. My husband had been arrested for firearm charges and initially held without bail on dangerousness grounds. John successfully represented him at a dangerousness hearing and secured his release. From there, John and his team have worked tirelessly to resolve my husband’s case. John is always working, day and night, weekdays and weekends and even on holidays. He is always accessible, if not in person, then by phone, text or email. His office staff is also super supportive. John explained all legal procedures in a very clear manner. He was excellent in responding to our questions and I certainly appreciate his no-bullshit attitude. I am very thankful to have met John his team. They ultimately resolved my husband’s case on the day of trial in manner that involved no jail and no criminal conviction. If ever you find yourself unexpectedly in need of a criminal defense lawyer, call John! While I hope to never require his services again, I am comforted to know John will always be there for me and my family – SD.