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From the first conversation I had with John I knew he was the perfect lawyer

John Calcagni is a very straightforward and hardworking lawyer. I was recommended to him after being accused of sexual assault. From the first conversation I had with John I knew he was the perfect lawyer. John is a very well-spoken lawyer and is all about business in terms of getting things done. Over the process of working with him, he was on top of everything, making sure all the right things would happen with my case. I was originally held without bail after voluntarily turning myself into authorities after a foster child in my parents’ custody made the sexual assault allegations against me. Within a matter of days, John had me released and reunited with my family. The good thing about having John as your lawyer is that your case is almost a guaranteed win with him. He works extra hard to make things right and if you think he is not on top of anything, you will be in for a surprise when he has everything taken care of before you even know about it. John Calcagni is a lawyer I would recommend to anyone if you want guaranteed satisfaction. My entire family was super impressed and glad to have him on our side being our lawyer. Over time, he successfully had my case dismissed and sealed from the public record. John saved my life and I 100% recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.