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Criminial Defense Client for Marijuana Possession

When I first sat down and talked to Attorneys John L. Calcagni III and John R. Grasso I had preconceived notions about criminal defense attorneys. To my surprise these lawyers are both very humble and caring individuals.

However their kindness should not be mistake for weakness. When they get a hold of a case they attack it from all different angles. I went into my first meeting with Attorneys Calcagni and Grasso after hearing from others about their legal expertise and knowledge of the Rhode Island Court System. From the moment I sat down in their office to discuss me case I was very impressed with their knowledge of the law creativity in defending criminal cases and their ability to both think and develop solutions that are outside of the box.

These attorneys met with the arresting party in my case; assimilated my background and experiences in a way that humanized me; zealously advocated on my behalf; and ultimately achieved the superior result of having my case dismissed. Attorneys Calcagni and Grasso are genuine unique and hardworking. In the field of law people like this are very hard to find.

If you find yourself in a bind charged with a crime or in need of a criminal defense lawyer call John Calcagni and John Grasso immediately. These are the go-to lawyers who will work diligently on your case and always put your best interests first.