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Criminal Defense for Multiple OUI and Motor Vehicle Offenses

After picking up three consecutive OUI charges in fifteen months I could have been spending the next two years in jail away from my family friends and business. John was by my side every step in the way.

I felt very confident with him as my attorney. Each decision was planned explained and executed clearly so I always knew what was going on. With the support John provided I always felt a sense of comfort and optimism throughout the entire process even though it was my first time in the court system as well as a correctional facility.

He was there for my family and friends while I was away and also spoke on my behalf at my place of work to insure that my job would be waiting for me when I was released in just 50 days. To this day John and I keep in touch during the aftermath of my jail sentence and release back into the world.

He is an attorney that cares about those he represents during and after the case; and all for a reasonable price. I appreciate all you have and continue to do for me John. Thanks again.