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Attorney John L. Calcagni III is an accomplished professional with excellent military legal knowledge

John and his firm represented me during the aftermath of a personal misconduct incident I experienced while attending full time military training. I became intoxicated at a nit morale event. While under the influence of alcohol, I allegedly made inappropriate remarks to junior female enlisted Soldiers. As a result, the Command issued me a written reprimand or General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR). During this period, I was given little assistance or information about military legal system. However, upon discovering John, he brought clarity to my situation. His firm’s work was primarily responsibility for me avoiding punitive measures, a discharge boards and permanent damage to my military career. His work in crafting timely and professional responses and coordinating concurrent legal service in my civilian life were instrumental in avoiding the career ending event of having a reprimand placed in the public portion of my official military record. In summary, John developed and executed a strategy that saved my career. I very strongly recommend Attorney John Calcagni and his firm for your legal needs.