Attorney John Calcagni came through for us and will for you too

Facing the possible denial of continued active duty service under the Army’s Quality Management Program for failing a PT test after a 16-year career; I was nervous and worried about my and my family’s future. After some research, I came across Attorney John L. Calcagni III.  After speaking with John, I knew he was the right fit for me.  His honesty, frankness and no nonsense approach to my case gave me more confidence than any other attorney with whom I spoke.  John was direct and confident on our first call and provided me with the information and tools necessary to draft a strong rebuttal.  Ultimately, because of his efforts, I was retained in the Army and will be allowed to continue my career until retirement.  I highly recommend John to other service members seeking to hire civilian counsel.  I believe that without John’s guidance, I would not have had a positive outcome of my QMP Board.  Knowing I will be able to continue with my career and have stability for my family is a great weight off my shoulders.  I am forever grateful. – SFC JB