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Attorney Calcagni has changed my life for the better

Multiple Outstanding Warrants VACATED and CASES CLOSED.

I cannot express my thanks enough for Attorney Calcagni’s assistance with the termination of my multiple bench warrants and closure of my cases. As a kid I made many bad choices some resulting in arrests and arraignments. Regretfully I was unable to handle these consequences with the previous lifestyle I was living. I subsequently moved out of state prematurely without answering to or closing our my existing criminal cases.

After changing my lifestyle and living a more positive and productive life I decided it was time to face my open cases and then-arrest warrants. I struggled to find a lawyer who was able to help me in this regard by hastily doing the necessary leg work for my appearance and surrender in court. Thankfully Attorney Calcagni answered my call and was able to clearly explain and walk me though the process of how to eliminate my multiple bench warrants and close out their related cases. After retaining Attorney Calcagni’s services he did the necessary leg work scheduled my surrenders before multiple courts on the same day appeared with me in court helped to vacate each warrant and then helped to close each case.

His efforts alleviated years of stress and concern within a few short hours. Attorney Calcagni has changed my life for the better. I cannot thank him enough and will not hesitate to recommend his law office to any others who may be in need of legal services in the future.