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I would absolutely use John and provide him with my strongest endorsement and recommendation to others

In April of 2016, my name was on the selection list for Colonel. Two days after the list was released, I received a letter from Army Human Resources Command to show cause for my retention in the Army. This stemmed from a prior plagiarism I was involved in years ago while a Major in the Intermediate Leaders Course (ILE). The letter said if I did not succeed at a board, I risked the potential of receiving an Other Than Honorable Discharge and after 20 years of service, could potentially lose everything.

Like most, I did not have an attorney standing by so I hit the internet to conduct research. I also asked friends for advice. I sent messages out and consulted with a few attorneys. I ultimately discovered and contacted Attorney John L. Calcagni III. I phoned his office and his staff called me back right away. The stress level in my life at this was at an all time high. John’s staff was extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable in his office. When John and I met, he understood my situation and explained in details of the process. He did not pressure me to use his services. We talked about my case and about the Army in general. In our conversation, we had some mutual friends. I left his office with a positive feeling, but took my time to make my decision.

I finally decided to hire John to represent me at the show cause board. I was comfortable with him and felt like he was highly focused on my case. Though he has many clients, he made me feel like I was his only one. He communicated with me throughout the entire process. I had his office and cell numbers and he always returned my calls or texts. John fully prepared for my hearing. We met before the hearing where he helped me prepare my case to ensure I was ready for potential questions from the board members. I understood the process and John stood by me the entire time. The good soldier packet he prepared on my behalf was highly organized and very detailed. He did not miss one part of my 20 year military career. This packet showed the board how prepared and ready we were for the hearing. Our packet was clearly better than the government’s packet.

After a long and stressful few months and an even longer day at the board, the members rendered resulted a decision for my retention. John helped me stay in the Army and keep both my career and military pension. I am now able to be promoted to the rank of Colonel and continue to serve my country proudly. I hope to never need an attorney again but if I do, I would absolutely use John and provide him with my strongest endorsement and recommendation to others.