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The Board of Corrections of Military Records is where most service-members will end their defense process. This is the board that handles cases where every other avenue has been eliminated in attempts to alter a discharge status. Military Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Calcagni has extensive experience, both as a former military prosecutor in the U.S. Army JAG Corps and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice and as a criminal defense attorney on the civilian side of the legal system.

There are some guidelines for requesting this kind of change to your military records, and having the assistance of a military criminal defense attorney can prove invaluable in navigating the military criminal justice system.

In order to appeal to this board, you must first meet the criteria of being either the service-member in question, a relative, surviving spouse, or legal representative, you must not have a conviction under court-martial, and you must eliminate every other process or avenue open to you to change the records.

Once you have satisfied this criteria, you may then move forward with your attempt to prove that you have been the victim of an injustice or that there is an error in your records of some kind.

In every step and situation, you must provide actual documentation to support your claims. This documentation can become a very cumbersome and lengthy process of filing forms and evidence if you are unaware what needs to be provided, or where to file your information and which forms to fill out.

Mr. Calcagni has years of experience assisting service-members with Board of Corrections processes and can help guide you effortlessly through the entire process from start to finish.

In addition to his lengthy service with the United States Military JAG Corps and Justice Department, Attorney Calcagni has been in civilian practice for many years and is admitted to practice in the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals, as well as the state and federal courts in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Florida.

Some of the many documents necessary in order to proceed with your Board of Corrections hearing may include witness statements or affidavits, your medical and service records, references, your own statement and any other supporting documents that may be pertinent to your application process.

Once the documents are received by the proper panel, they will be reviewed again, and your case will be reviewed entirely before an opinion is rendered and forwarded to the Board.

You or your surviving family or representatives will only have 3 years from the date the error was discovered to apply to this Board for a correction.

Additionally, and during that three years, you will have had to eliminate every other resource available to you for the correction of the records. It should be clear to you that having an experienced military criminal defense attorney to help you could mean the difference between success and failure in these types of matters.

Contact the Law Office of John L. Calcagni III at (401) 351-5100 the moment you discover any kind of error in your records so that he may provide you with the best possible legal advice and representation.