Warrant for Violating Bail and Assault

Warrant Offenses

A Florida man working temporarily in Rhode Island was involved in a physical altercation. The fight initiated from a union strike and the crossing of a picket line. The Florida man attempted to cross the line in order to access the job site. A man participating in the strike attempted to physically prevent the Florida man from crossing the line. This resulted in a physical altercation whereby the aggressive, striking union member sustained physical injuries.

Police responded to the scene and placed the Florida man under arrest. The man proceeded to trial and was found guilty in Rhode Island District Court. He exercised his right to appeal, which under Rhode Island law afforded him a trial de novo in Superior Court. The man failed to appear in Superior Court when directed. As a result, a warrant issued for his arrest. Several years later, the Florida man learned of the Rhode Island warrant for his arrest when he applied for a pistol permit. Surprised by the existence of the warrant, the man retained Attorney John L. Calcagni III to assist him with both petitioning the Court to vacate the warrant and moving to dismiss the pending assault charge. Attorney Calcagni succeeded in this regard. After conducting some pretrial investigation and corresponding with the Department of Attorney General, Attorney Calcagni successfully convinced the Court and prosecutors to vacate the warrant and dismiss the underlying case. This was all done in the Florida man’s absence without him ever having to return to or appear in Rhode Island. The case has since been sealed and wiped from the man’s record.