Sex Offender Probation Violator: Continued On Existing Probation Terms

Sex Crimes

A registered sex offender living in Rhode Island under the Interstate Compact Act was accused of violating the terms of his probation. The basis of the violation was that he communicated with family members and friends via the internet and Facebook in violation of the terms and conditions of his probation. His probation which originated in Florida provided that he could not use or have internet access to the internet for a period of time. After allegedly violating this term his assigned Probation Officer in Rhode Island notified Florida which filed a notice of probation violation and resulted in his immediate incarceration.

After being incarcerated for several weeks with no legal representation the man and his family retained Attorney John L. Calcagni III to assist in the matter. Licensed both in Rhode Island and Florida they hoped John could resolve the matter on the manӳ behalf in a manner that prevented his extradition to Florida and termination of his Interstate Compact agreement that allowed him to reside in Rhode Island. Attorney Calcagni aggressively jumped on the case by making contact with the Florida State Attorneyӳ Office and the manӳ assigned Probation Officer there. After several letters dozens of emails and countless phone calls Attorney Calcagni was unable to stop the manӳ extradition. The Florida Court refused to allow the alleged violation to be adjudicated from Rhode Island or in the manӳ absence down in Florida. However Attorney Calcagni persuaded the Florida Court and State Attorney to not revoke the manӳ probation sentence him to any lengthy period of incarceration or revoke his Interstate Compact Agreement. After being held extradited to Florida and presented in Court there all of which took nearly 90 days the man admitted to violating probation by accessing the internet and received a sentence of time served. He was immediately released returned to Rhode Island and resumed his Interstate Compact Agreement that allowed him to live here. The man has since reunited with his family and his pregnant fiance. Congratulations!