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Rhode Island District Court Complaint for Restraining Order

Rhode Island District Court Complaint for Restraining Order

Criminal Charges:

Complaint for Restraining Order

Case Overview:

A scorned and deceitful woman fraudulently invoked the powers of the Rhode Island District Court to avoid repaying a debt owed to her ex-boyfriend. When the couple was together, the man opened both his heart and wallet to the girl. The total value of his generosity added up to many thousands of dollars. Once the two split up, they remained in contact, and off and on, referred to one another as friends. The man never forgot the debt and always reminded his ex that it needed to be paid. She reassured him in words only, yet never made a single payment. As time passed, the man grew both anxious and annoyed. He periodically checked in on the girl via text message and after too many empty promises of repayment, eventually threatened to take legal action if the girl did not make good on her financial promises. In response, she ran to court, lied about having been a victim of physical abuse, and used this deceit to obtain a temporary restraining order against the man. This caused the man to fear for his future. He was in school studying criminal justice, had both military and law enforcement career aspirations, worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and served as a volunteer firefighter. A civil restraining order could adversely impact his current and future career goals. He and his parents retained Rhode Island Super Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend him in this matter. Attorney Calcagni prepared for the woman’s cross-examination that was aimed at establishing the existence of the debt, no evidence to support the woman’s claims of abuse, and her using the court system as retaliation for the man threatening legal action to collect her debt.

Case Result:

On the morning of the evidentiary restraining order hearing, the woman failed to appear. In response, Attorney Calcagni then successfully motioned the Court to dismiss the matter with prejudice. The man’s record remains unblemished and his future intact.