Restraining Order Extension Request: Denied

Miscellaneous Offenses

After dating for approximately 3 years, a man and his girlfriend had a bad break-up. Several months later, the man allegedly harassed her via text messages containing vulgar and threatening content. The man also threatened to physically harm and kill the girl’s new boyfriend and vandalize his car. Based on the man’s overall conduct, the ex-girlfriend successfully filed for a restraining order with New Bedford District Court. One year later, as the order came up for renewal, the man hired Massachusetts lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to oppose the woman’s extension request. Attorney Calcagni and his team obtained a copy of the court file and reviewed all materials related to this matter. They also prepared a cross-examination of the ex-girlfriend in anticipation of a hearing to determine if the restraining order should be extended. However, based on oral argument offered in the man’s defense, the Court denied the girl’s request and terminated the restraining order.