Out of State Arrest Warrant

Warrant Offenses

An out-of-state resident learned of a warrant for his arrest upon applying for a firearm permit. He had no idea the warrant existed and even doubted the truth or accuracy of this information. He appealed the permit denial based on the warrant. The appeal was reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which confirmed existence of the warrant. In an effort to resolve the warrant from his home in the mid-west, the man contacted the Law Office of John L. Calcagni III, Inc. Attorney Calcagni went straight to work on the case. He researched the warrant through the issuing police department and Court. He then prepared and filed a motion in the man’s absence to have the warrant lifted and underlying case dismissed. The warrant issued due to the man’s failure to issue a summons of which there was no record he ever even received it. The Court granted Attorney Calcagni’s motion and dismissed the man’s case. The client was then able to successfully apply for his firearm permit.