Massachusetts Shoplifting: Dismissed

White Collar Crimes

Walmart Asset Protection Officers detained a woman who they suspected was shoplifting. A search of her person and belongings revealed a purse and several other store items, which had not been paid for. The woman attempted to escape custody from the officers. While attempting to detain her, Asset Protection contacted North Attleboro Police. Police arrived on scene and encountered the woman. She was further uncooperative by refusing to identify herself. Police eventually learned her identity and placed her under arrest for shoplifting. She was eventually charged in the Attleboro District Court. After arraignment, the woman retained Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend her in this matter. The woman was a Syrian National who was lawfully in the United States, but not a citizen. Dismissing the case was necessary to protect her immigration status. Attorney Calcagni appeared for the woman at two pretrial conferences and successfully negotiated for the dismissal of this charge against her. The matter is now eligible to be sealed from the woman’s record.