Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Property Damage Resulting: No Criminal Prosecution.

Motor Vehicle Offenses

A Massachusetts man struck a historic fountain with his motor vehicle. Instead of remaining on scene or calling authorities, he fled the scene and drove from Rhode Island back to the Commonwealth. During the accident, the bumper of the man’s car was separated and left behind with a license plate affixed to it. Police responded to the accident scene and discovered this item. They used the plate to identify the vehicle and its registered owner. Police also obtained surveillance footage from the incident, which showed the vehicle stopped at a red light. Once the light turned green, the man made a turn into a historic plaza that is restricted to vehicle traffic and restricted solely to pedestrians. This is how and where the fountain was damaged. Once the man learned that police were looking for him, he retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend him in this matter.

Attorney Calcagni proactively contacted Providence Police to schedule a self-surrender of his client. He then accompanied the young man to the meeting where he apologized and accepted responsibility for his actions. He further admitted that unfamiliarity with the area and alcohol played a role in the incident.

Because of the man’s cooperation and forthrightness, Attorney Calcagni successfully negotiated against criminal prosecution of his client and instead, agreed to the payment of several traffic tickets.