January 2012 Assault and Battery and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon: Dismissed

Assault Offenses

Two siblings residing under the same roof allegedly took sibling rivalry to another level. An adult female and her adult brother had a verbal argument in their family home. When the matter could not be settled verbally the sister obtained a baseball bat and physically attacked her brother by striking him with it about his body. The police were notified and charged the alleged victimӳ sister with both misdemeanor and felony assault. She was then represented by Attorney Calcagni. At a pretrial conference Attorney Calcagni first successfully negotiated for dismissal of the misdemeanor Assault and Battery charge. Second he negotiated for amendment of felony assault charge to a misdemeanor. Third and lastly he negotiated for his client to admit no guilt to the sole remaining charged offense. While maintaining her innocence she was placed on unsupervised pretrial probation for nine (9) months. Providing she is not charged with a new offense during this period her case will be dismissed in nine (9) months and she will not incur a criminal conviction from this incident. Congratulations to this fortunate client.