Febuary 2013 – Prostitution Charge

Sex Crimes

Prostitution Charge

Police conducted an undercover investigation into complaints of prostitution at a local Korean Spa. These spas known to advertise massage body rub and table shower services are known to be covers for brothels that offer sex for money. An undercover officer visited the spa while posing as a customer in the course of his investigation. The officer entered the spa and paid an admission fee. After being taken to a private room by a host he was instructed to remove his clothing. A Korean masseuse then entered the room and escorted the officer to another room where he received a table massage. The masseuse led the officer back to the room where he had undressed and asked him to lie down on a massage table. The masseuse then provided the undercover officer with a standard massage. During the massage the Korean masseuse asked the officer to roll onto his back. She then allegedly began rubbing oil on the undercover officerӳ penis. While doing so the undercover asked the masseuse about the cost for this sexual service.

The Korean masseuse to her detriment quoted the officer a fee of $40.00. The undercover officer declined this particular service and asked the masseuse to continue with her standard non-sexual massage. When this massage concluded the undercover officer got dressed departed the spa. Police later raided the spa arrested this masseuse and charged her with prostitution.

The Korean masseuse retained the legal services of Attorney John L. Calcagni III to defend her against this action. After attending several pretrial hearing on the masseuseӳ behalf Attorney Calcagni successfully negotiated for the amendment of this charge from Prostitution to Performing a Massage without a License. The masseuse a Korean immigrant feared the Prostitution charge. Since this charge is considered by federal law to be a crime of moral turpitude she feared adverse immigration consequences if found guilty. Once the charge was amended Attorney Calcagni further negotiated upon the masseuseӳ nolo plea for the matter to be filed for one year. Providing the masseuse is not convicted of a new offense during this time period she will be eligible to have the matter expunged from her record in one year thereby destroying all judicial and law enforcement records related to this matter.

Criminal Case Result:

  • Prostitution Charge: Amended to Performing a Massage without a License and Filed for One Year