Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and Assault on a Police Officer: Dismissed

Assault Offenses

Multiple police officers responded to a Burger King restaurant after receiving a tip that a young man, who months earlier escaped from a state-run group home, was attending a job interview. Fleeing from the group home, where he was ordered to remain by the Court, triggered a warrant for his arrest. This prompted police to visit the restaurant to locate and arrest the man. Once the man saw the officers inside the restaurant, he attempted to run. Police cornered and prevented him from leaving. The man then struggled and fought with police, in attempt to break free. He was ultimately apprehended after being shot with a tazer multiple times. Police also charged him with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault on multiple police officers. The man retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend him in this matter. Attorney Calcagni proactively reached out to the prosecution and successfully advocated for the dismissal of this matter.