Credit Card Fraud and Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses: Dismissed

Fraud Offenses

A young woman befriended her elderly neighbor.  The young woman would care for the elderly woman by checking in on her, going shopping, and purchasing groceries for her.  In turn, the elderly woman would help the young mother out financially on occasion.  One day, the elderly woman discovered that some of her credit cards were missing and monthly credit card statements contained unauthorized charges.  The elderly woman called police and reported the young woman as a possible suspect.  The young lady cooperated with police, indicated she had authority to use the elderly woman’s credit cards and even produced the cards from her purse for police.  Notwithstanding her efforts, police arrested and charged her with both credit card fraud and obtaining more than $6,000 under false pretenses.  She retained Rhode Island Fraud Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend her in this matter in Rhode Island Superior Court.  Attorney Calcagni advocated for his client’s innocence and permission to use the elder’s credit cards.  He ultimately secured his client’s placement in a diversion program, which required her to make full restitution and remain out of trouble for 6 months.  The young woman easily fulfilled these conditions.  As a result, her case was dismissed and has since been sealed from her record.