Credit Card Fraud and Obtaining Money by False Pretenses: Dismissed

Fraud Offenses

A woman was the designated caretaker of an elderly woman.  During this relationship, the younger woman had access to the elder’s apartment and personal belongings.  One day, the elder’s children discovered a series of unauthorized transactions on her credit card that amounted to several thousand dollars.  Based on this discovery and suspicion that the elder’s caretaker was the culprit, the children notified Cranston Police.  An investigation revealed that the caretaker did in fact use her patient’s credit cards without authority.  Video surveillance footage from the various retailers where the cards were used captured the caretaker making the personal and unauthorized transactions.  Once arrested and charged with the felony offenses of Credit Card Fraud and Obtaining Money by False Pretenses, she retained Rhode Island Fraud and Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend her in this matter.  Attorney Calcagni consulted with prosecutors and the Court.  After advocating on his client’s behalf, he persuaded them to allow her to participate in a diversion program to avoid further court prosecution.  Based on the woman’s acceptance of responsibility for the charged offenses, payment of full restitution and attendance of counseling, the matter was dismissed and removed from public records via a motion to seal.