Breaking and Entering an Automobile and Larceny: Pretrial Probation.

Property Offenses

A series of automobiles was broken into during the middle of the night in a residential neighborhood. No one saw or heard the break-ins. The victims suffered damage to their vehicles and loss of various items contained in their cars, such as purses, money, credit cards and other valuables. The victims contacted police who began an investigation. Police discovered latent fingerprints in one of the cars that did not match either its owner or the owner’s friends or relatives. The prints pointed to a man with a criminal record for committing similar prior misconduct. This man was apprehended and charged with the series of crimes. On the morning of trial, Attorney Calcagni was prepared to argue for dismissal of the case for lack of evidence. The government offered the man the opportunity to resolve his case by maintaining his innocence and not guilty plea with pretrial probation. The man accepted this offer. His case will remain open, but inactive for 12 months. Providing he is not charged with another offense during this time period, his case will be dismissed and he will not incur any criminal conviction or other form of punishment from this matter.