Bail Reinstated and Warrant Vacated for Alleged Jewelry Thief

Warrant Offenses

A former home health aide was accused by an elderly patient of stealing expensive jewelry and heirlooms from the woman’s home. When questioned about the missing jewelry by police, the woman admitted and apologized for the theft. Notwithstanding, she was charged with felony offenses for her conduct. As her case progressed through the Rhode Island criminal justice system, she fell ill with multiple medical conditions that resulted in her hospitalization. As time passed, the young woman lost sight of her criminal case, stopped communicating with her lawyer and no longer appeared in court. Because of her willful absence and default in court, a warrant issued for her arrest in Rhode Island Superior Court. Years passed without the woman turning herself in to authorities or the court. She basically moved on with her life by relocating, obtaining new employment and improving her health. The more time that passed, the more she forgot about her pending case. One afternoon, the woman returned home to discover a note from the Rhode Island State Police advising of a warrant for her arrest and that she was wanted by authorities. In fear of being arrested and placed in jail, which would cause her to lose her job, she hired Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Calcagni III to defend her in this matter. Attorney Calcagni negotiated with prosecutors for the woman’s voluntary surrender before the court. Once in court, the warrant was removed. Attorney Calcagni then successfully argued, over the prosecutor’s objection and request for high, unaffordable bail, that his client be released on personal recognizance or her promise to appear, as directed, for future court appearances.