Accused of First Degree Sexual Assault in Providence RI

Sex Crimes

Criminal Charges:

Man charged in the Rhode Island District Court (6th Division) Providence, Rhode Island for First Degree Sexual Assault (Rape).

Case Overview:

A young man was accused by his ex-girlfriend of rape.  The two attended the same karate school together, each earning black belts.  They dated for several months.  Their romantic relationship included various forms of sexual intimacy, including intercourse.  The couple had sex at their respective homes when others were present, such as their parents and/or siblings.  At some point, the couple broke up.  More than one year later, she accused him of rape.  There was no corroborating evidence to support the girl’s allegations.  Notwithstanding, the young man (and recent high school graduate) was arrested and charged by Cumberland Police.  The man and his family retained Rhode Island Sex Offense Defense Lawyers, John L. Calcagni III and John E. MacDonald, to defend him in this matter.

Case Result:

No True Bill (No Indictment). Case Dismissed. The attorneys first secured their client’s release on bail, once he was charged in Rhode Island District Court.  They then persuaded prosecutors to allow the man to testify before a grand jury.  Attorneys Calcagni and MacDonald prepared this man for this important appearance.  After considering the client’s testimony and that of other witnesses, the grand jury returned a No True Bill, voting to not issue an indictment.