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Checking the Status Of Your Rhode Island Criminal Case

Checking the Status Of Your Rhode Island Criminal Case

If you have a Rhode Island criminal case, you probably are curious about its progression. Fortunately, the state makes it easy for you to check the status of your case. And it doesn’t involve taking the car to the courthouse. In fact, it can all be done from the comfort of your home.

Rhode Island residents can go online to look up the status of their Rhode Island criminal case. With a Criminal Information Database, the state makes it simple to check your status. Learn how to look into your case, and put your mind at ease.

Using the Website

The Rhode Island Criminal Information database is simple to use. If you’re checking the status of your Rhode Island criminal case, it takes almost no time to do so.

First, you need the link to the website. Whether you use a mobile device, tablet, or computer, you can search for your case information. If you click here, you go directly to the website. You can also search for the database on any search engine to find the proper website. However, be sure to check that it’s a legitimate website and not another site.

Once you get to the site, you can start your search. At the top of the website, there’s a link that allows you to search by your defendant’s name or business name.

Click on that link and the site will give you a disclaimer that you need to accept before continuing. When you do, you can type in your (or your defendant’s) last name and first name.

Be sure to spell both names correctly. You need to spell it the same way the police recorded the name at the time of arrest. If you fail to spell it that way, you won’t find the right case.

After you enter the correct information, your case status will appear. You can find out what you needed to know about the status of your Rhode Island Criminal Case. Although the legal system can be confusing and scary, this one feature of the system is simple. And it can put your mind at ease during a difficult time.


Of course, everything isn’t always as easy as it seems. Although the search itself is easy, you may come across a couple of issues.

First, you might not find your case in the Rhode Island Criminal Information database. Don’t allow this to be a source of concern. The first thing you should do is check the spelling of your name. While it sounds unlikely, many people enter the wrong name into the search bar.

Re-enter your name and try the search once again. If you still can’t find your case, there may be a good reason for the lack of information. Criminal cases only show up on the database after someone enters the information into it.

If the police recently arrested you, your case may not be in the database yet. Give it a few days, and you can try searching for your case again.

Another reason for your case not appearing in the database is the fact that it was a traffic violation. When cases only involve traffic violations, they are not criminal cases. Traffic tickets and violations do not appear on the Rhode Island Criminal Information Database; only criminal cases appear.

There’s one final reason that your case may not appear in the database. Expunged or sealed cases don’t show up on the database. If you believe that your case may be expunged or sealed, this is the likely reason for the lack of information in the database.

Missing Information from your Rhode Island Criminal Case

While the Rhode Island Criminal Information Database is a great tool, it’s not perfect. You can get some accurate and useful details from the website. For example, you can get the date and time of your next court date and the location of that court date.

But if you’re looking for other details about your case, you shouldn’t rely on the website. Because the Clerk’s Office is responsible for updating information on every single criminal case in the state, they don’t have time to update the information constantly. It’s not uncommon for certain information to be inaccurate.

For example, the attorney of record doesn’t always show up on your case file. This doesn’t mean that your attorney is not on your case. It merely means that the Clerk’s Office didn’t have time to update it.

While there is some great information about your Rhode Island criminal case available online, you don’t need to rely solely on that to find out about your case. Your lawyer is a great resource and can give you any information you need about your case. Working with an experienced criminal lawyer is the best way to stay up-to-date on your case. He can make sure everything is taken care of and dealt with in a proper way.